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Ebola: WHO announces 'slowing rate of new cases'

Ebola: WHO announces 'slowing rate of new cases'
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Liberia may be experiencing a slowdown in the rate of new cases of the deadly Ebola virus according to the World Health Organization.

“We are seeing a slowing rate of new cases, very definitely,” WHO Assistant Director General Bruce Aylward announced.

The African country has reportedly seen a drop in burials and new hospital admissions, while the number of laboratory-confirmed cases has levelled out.

“With the concerted community engagement, with safe burials, with a big push on getting the right information out through the right channels, you can rapidly get the behaviour changes that are critical to protecting populations and helping them protect themselves”, Aylward said. “And that can translate into positive trends in terms of the disease.”

Aylward is in charge of the operational response to the virus outbreak. He was keen to highlight that while the rate of new cases is subsiding, Ebola is not yet under control.

But, if the positive trend continues, he says the worst-affected countries should be able to meet a December 1 target for better-containing the disease.