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Brazil's presidential election overshadowed by corruption scandal

Brazil's presidential election overshadowed by corruption scandal
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It is being described as Brazil’s tightest election in decades.

Sunday’s second round runoff presidential election sees current President Dilma Rousseff and pro-business senator Aecio Neves running neck-and-neck.

The campaign has been overshadowed by a bribery scandal at Brazil’s state-run oil company Petroleo Brasileiro

Weekly news magazine Veja reported that a jailed black market money dealer had told police that Rousseff and her predecessor knew about the corruption scheme.

Rousseff says the accusations are a smear campaign:

“You cannot treat a president in this manner three days before the election. Why has this not appeared before? What is this about? My indignation is proportional to the injustice they are committing, the political use they are making of this,” she said.

Aécio Neves has made corruption a central focus of his campaign, accusing Rousseff of running a corrupt government that should be voted out of office.

“Money, infamy and nastiness can’t beat the truth, it can’t beat the Brazilian people’s awareness. Therefore, we are ready to win the election and give Brazil a decent, honourable government; a generous government that doesn’t treat its adversary like an enemy that must be defeated at all costs,” Neves said.

On the eve of the election centre right candidate Neves visited the grave of his grandfather Tancredo Neves,
who was elected president in 1985 but died before he could take office.