US school shooting: homecoming prince kills classmate

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US school shooting: homecoming prince kills classmate

US school shooting: homecoming prince kills classmate
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Another deadly shooting at a school in the United States has shocked residents of Marysville a town near Seattle, Washington.

A student shot dead one classmate and wounded four others when he opened fire in Pilchuck High School before turning the gun on himself.

All of the victims were under 18. Three of the wounded were in a critical condition with gunshot wounds.

“I was in my math class and the fire alarm got pulled, so everyone ran out to the stadium to line up for a fire drill,” explained Jamison Strikland, a student at the school.

“You see it on news all the time about school shootings, but you never really expect it will be your school,” she added.

A school official named the gunman as Jaylan Fryberg, a freshman named a homecoming prince just last week.

His classmates described him as outgoing and a popular member of both the wrestling and football teams.

Marysville Police Administrative Commander Robb Lamoureaux acknowledged the shock and distress the shooting has inflicted on the city’s residents.

“The investigation is going to take some time, but more so the trauma, the emotional scars, that’s going to take longer, and some people may not ever get over those.”

On Friday evening hundreds of people prayed and sang at a church vigil for victims of the tragedy and their family members.