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Russia decides Winter time is the Right time

Russia decides Winter time is the Right time
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On Sunday Russia switches to winter time, and stays there, forever. At least that’s the plan. After tinkering with daylight-saving and then abandoning a law in 2011 the Russians have decided to change their clocks again, but for the very last time. It has sparked some heated debate.

“Switching is always good because now in the winter in the evening it will always be dark. But now if we switch to wintertime we will gain an hour of daylight,” said one Moscow resident.

Some scientists claim the change is to maximise some oligarch’s TV advertising revenues by lengthening the peak viewing times.

“I think a huge minus is that we were shown how, due to the whims of two or three people, actually, to help the interests of 
advertisers, 142 million people could be moved this way, They will
feel the effects. That is the point I do not like in this law,” said the vice-director of the Geography Institute Arkady Tishkov.

Many Russians mutter that time is the least of their worries, and life will get more confusing as the new law also adds another two time zones, making 11 in all the length of this vast land.