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Argentina sentences 15 former officials to life for genocide

Argentina sentences 15 former officials to life for genocide
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In Argentina, a group of former government officials have been sentenced to life in prison for the abduction, torture and killing of dissidents during the country’s military regime from 1976-1983.

The 15 former police, military and civilian officers committed their crimes in the La Cancha detention centre in a rural area of Buenos Aires province.

They were led away to shouts of “murderers!” from the public gallery.

In court was human rights activist Estela de Carlotto whose daughter’s newborn son was taken from her shortly before she was executed in 1978.

That newborn is now 36 and was recently reunited with his grandmother after DNA tests.

De Carlotto founded ‘Grandmothers of the Plaza del May,’ an organisation that works to reunite families by setting up databases of DNA.

They have so far found around 110 grandchildren.

Under the military regime, authorities say some 13,000 dissidents, labour leaders, intellectuals and other opponents of the regime were illegally detained and subsequently made to “disappear”.

The regime stole hundreds of babies from their opponents to give to families who sympathised with their dictatorship.