Doctor in New York tests positive for Ebola infection

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Doctor in New York tests positive for Ebola infection

Doctor in New York tests positive for Ebola infection
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A doctor in New York has tested positive for Ebola after treating patients in West Africa.

Thirty three-year-old Dr Craig Spencer had been working for Doctors Without Borders. He is understood to have been in Guinea in September and then in Brussels a week ago.

New York mayor, Bill de Blasio said: “The patient is now in isolation, the health department has a team of disease detectives who have been at work tracing all of the patient’s contacts and we are prepared to quarantine the contacts as necessary.”

One of three people Spencer was in close contact with has been quarantined in the hospital so far.

New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, sought to reassure people that they were prepared.

“We are as ready as one could be for this circumstance. What happened in Dallas was actually the exact opposite. Dallas unfortunately was caught before they could really prepare, before they really knew what they were dealing with,” he said.

Residents in the doctor’s Harlem neighborhood have been told they are not at risk purely by having been in the same area as someone infected.

The doctor went through the new rigorous screening for travellers from badly hit West African countries when he arrived in New York. However he did not have a fever at that point so went undetected.

Meanwhile Mali has announced its first confirmed case of Ebola, making it the sixth West African country to be affected by the outbreak. The victim is a two year old girl who had recently come from neighbouring Guinea.