France sends police reinforcements to Calais

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France sends police reinforcements to Calais

France sends police reinforcements to Calais
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France is sending 100 extra police officers to Calais to deal with the influx of migrants fleeing war and oppression.

Authorities say up to 2,300 asylum seekers are living rough in the northern French port town.

Many scramble into lorries waiting for border checks in the hope of making it to Britain.

After violence broke out in one of the camps this week, the mayor says the situation is spiralling out of control.

For the French residents, it’s an unfortunate situation over which they have no control.

“They are poor people. They are in pursuit of happiness, elsewhere. Us, well what can we do? We are forced to watch, to be subjected to it. And, we’re getting used to the misery that surrounds us, without being able to do anything,” remarked one Calais resident.

Another gives a list of what’s lacking: “A special housing site needs to be created for them. They need to get health care, they need a place to wash. We have too many problems here.”

The rise in the number of migrants is linked to people desperately fleeing conflicts in the Middle East and Africa.

The leader of French anti-immigration party Front National has seized the opportunity to visit the site on Friday to address the issue.

Britain has offered a 15 million euros package over three years to help secure the border.