Kurdish fighters in Kobani await reinforcements

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Kurdish fighters in Kobani await reinforcements

Kurdish fighters in Kobani await reinforcements
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US-led coalition forces have continued to pound suspected ISIL targets in and around the Syrian border town of Kobani.

There, Kurdish fighters are awaiting reinforcements after Turkey agreed to open its border to allow fighters to join the struggle against the jihadist extremists.

Turkey has refused to intervene directly and suspects Syrian Kurds of ties to the separatist PKK, which has long fought against the Turkish authorities.

“It’s good that the Turkish government will allow Peshmerga forces into Kobani. God bless them and we are very thankful for this,” said a refugee from Kobani.

On Tuesday funerals were held for three Kurdish fighters who were killed in the town.

The teenagers were buried in Turkey because Kobani’s cemetery is now in ISIL-controlled territory.

Some argue more could be done to help the resistance.

“They should open the border for the people of Kobani to go and fight there, not the Peshmerga… People have been going to the border, but the Turkish government doesn’t allow them to cross to the other side. Until now, they haven’t opened the gate,” said another refugee.

The US has air-dropped weapons, ammunition and medical supplies to Kurdish fighters defending Kobani – though ISIL fighters have shown videos claiming some weapons ended up in their hands.

Hundreds of people are said to have died since the assault on the town began.