Ottawa fatal shooting: Police admit they were 'caught by surprise'

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Ottawa fatal shooting: Police admit they were 'caught by surprise'

Ottawa fatal shooting: Police admit they were 'caught by surprise'
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Ottawa remained in lockdown last night after a gunman shot and killed a soldier at a war memorial.

A gunman then entered the city’s parliament building, where he exchanged fire with police before being shot dead. It is unclear whether he was the same person who attacked the soldier.

Ottawa remains in lockdown as the police secure the area from any further threat. They could not confirm whether multiple suspects were still at large.

It comes just hours after the terror threat level was raised from low to medium, following a separate attack where a Muslim convert ran down two soldiers, killing one, in Montreal on Monday.

Questions are being raised over how prepared the police were for the Ottawa attack.

“I think that from our reaction it caught us by surprise,” Gilles Michaud, from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police admitted.

“How is that possible?” asked one journalist at the press conference.

“Again it’s too early to get to the bottom of all details of what transpired, it’s an ongoing police operation so up until we’ve had a better chance to investigate and determine exactly what happened, it’s too soon to answer that question,” Michaud added.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has holding a meeting in Parliament when the attack happened, condemned the “despicable attack”.

Ottawa hospital reported receiving four patients, three of whom are in a stable condition.

Ottawa’s mayor sent his condolences to friends and families of the victim saying it is “a sad and tragic day for this city and the country”.

The soldier’s identity has yet to be released, while police inform his relatives.

So far no group has claimed responsibility for the attack.