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Potato party time in Belarus at Draniki Fest

Potato party time in Belarus at Draniki Fest
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Thousands of Belarussians attended a festival dedicated to the humble potato pancake.

Sunday marked the first ever celebration of the Belarus delicacy known locally as draniki.

“There were Ancient Romans who said what people want: Bread and circuses! Bread we have in Belarus, now we need more circuses, “ explained festival organiser Yury Bubnov.

It’s an idea that seemed to go down as well as the pancakes.

“I think, it’s a great idea to hold this festival because I think we have a revival of Belarusian traditions,” remarked one festival-goer.

Another testing his first pancake of the day had compliments for the chef.

“Good, well done! Frankly speaking, we came here with my wife to cheer for our Belarusian culture.”

Belarus has the highest per capita potato consumption in the world. Draniki Fest certainly lives up to the country’s potato-loving reputation.