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Nico and Vinz are bored with hit

Nico and Vinz are bored with hit
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This summer’s runaway hit “Am I Wrong” from Norwegian duo Nico and Vinz has been played so often that they say they are almost bored with it. But that hasn’t prevented them including it on their new album Black Star Elephant. Nico explained: “It’s a song that has opened so many doors and still is opening a lot of doors. But now, because the album is out and the next single called ‘In Your Arms’ is here, we’re finally moving on to new music now, so that feels good.”

Vinz said that the duo have recently moved to Los Angeles and hope that they will have more reach there, compared to living in Norway: “For us it was about hitting a lot of people. Really just having that possibility to not only be heard in Norway, where there are 5-6 million people, but to reach around 5-6 billion people. But I would say right now in Oslo or Norway in general, there’s a lot of artists that really have that international type of mindset and are making music that can really reach outside of Norway as well.”

For more information see: The duo's official website.