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King of surf Slater performs unprecedented move

King of surf Slater performs unprecedented move
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Just to add to the myth that he is not human surfing great Kelly Slater performed an near-impossible move on the waves with two full airborne rotations this week.

The American 11-time world champion produced the trick during a practice session at an ASP Tour event in Peniche, Portugal.

Slater said: “I’ve never done that. I don’t know I’m just doing it, I’m just trying and I just do a big rotation. I felt good. So nice. The wind held me up so nice.”

Opinions are split on whether to call it a 720 or a 540 as the last half rotation was in the whitewater – it matters little though as both are close to impossible to perform and it highlights once more Slater’s position the most talent surfer of all time.