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FIFA report into alleged World Cup vote rigging kept secret

FIFA report into alleged World Cup vote rigging kept secret
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A report investigating alleged corruption during the voting process for the World Cups in Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 cannot be made public due to legal reasons – that’s according to FIFA’s ethics judge Hans-Joachim Eckert.

Several members of FIFA’s own executive committee have openly called for the report to be made public however Eckert denied those members have tried to strong-arm him into doing so.

Eckert explained: “I have heard and read reports where it is alleged people have applied pressure on me to disclose detail about this report, but it’s absolutely wrong to say that former executive members of FIFA have called me.”

American prosecutor Michael Garcia – who made the 430-page report on the bidding process, which took place back in 2010 – called for greater transparency at FIFA.

Garcia said: “What I think we need at this point is greater transparency into the process while continuing to protect the rights of all parties, transparency into charges, into decisions, and basis of decisions and facts. Those rules should apply whether it is a win or a loss.”

FIFA has confirmed it will release the report next month although not fully to the public.

The body’s desire for secrecy over Garcia’s findings has further tarnished it’s already badly damaged reputation following a string alleged financial wrongdoings by many of its directors.