China and India get iPhone 6 models

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China and India get iPhone 6 models

China and India get iPhone 6 models
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iPhone fever hit China afresh as the 6 and 6 Plus handsets officially went on sale there on Friday.

Software security concerns raised by government regulators had delayed their launch in the world’s largest smartphone market.

Apple won approval to sell the phones after it reassured Beijing they do not have security “backdoors” through which US intelligence agencies could access users’ data.

One of the first buyers in Beijing, 26-year-old Lu Hongyu, said: “I really like [Apple products]. I’m not a super Apple fan, but I like to buy the latest products every year, such as iPad, computers. But I do not like to buy them immediately after being released. I like to decide if I should buy it based on my own economic situation and their new configuration. That’s how it is.”

Apple is playing up the fact that this is its first smartphone to be carried by all of China’s three mobile operators at the same time.

The new iPhones also went also on sale in India on Friday, nearly one month after the global launch.

A customer in southern Bangalore city enthused: “I am an Apple fan for a long time, for the last 15 years and I believe in the product. It has not let me down anytime and it’s easily transferable from phone to phone. It is a great piece.”

Technology trackers say Apple has less than two percent of the Indian smartphone market, with buyers favouring less expensive offerings from Samsung and local manufacturers.

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