Brazil police arrest suspected killer of 39 people

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Brazil police arrest suspected killer of 39 people

Brazil police arrest suspected killer of 39 people
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Police in Brazil have arrested a man who they say has confessed to 39 murders.

Tiago Rocha, 26, is alleged to have targeted mostly women, but also homeless people, transgender women and gay men.

Family members and friends of some of the victims gathered outside the homicide investigation centre where the suspect was being held.

“Now, justice will prevail,” said Bruna Gleycielle, mother of one of the victims. “I am relieved that this monster will no longer be on the streets.”

Police traced the man using CCTV footage from the scene of the most recent murder.

Rocha’s solicitor said his client was coerced into confessing to crimes he did not commit.

“I want to see the police investigation. To see the evidence they really have against him,” said defence lawyer Thiago Vidalm. “I spoke with him yesterday and he has denied the allegations.”

Local media reports quote investigators as saying the suspect “felt a lot of rage”. After the killings, he felt a “great depression” that pushed him to commit further crimes.

The man has been transferred to prison while an investigation continues. He has reportedly tried to commit suicide in his cell.

Ugyanakkor úgy tudni, a gyanúsított csütörtökön öngyilkossági kísérletet követett el a cellájában, de a fogda egyik őre megmentette az életét.