Brad Pitt stars in gory WWII movie

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Brad Pitt stars in gory WWII movie

Brad Pitt stars in gory WWII movie
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Brad Pitt stars as Wardaddy in David Ayers’ film ‘Fury’. His character is a battle-hardened US army sergeant who leads a tank crew on a deadly mission into Germany in the dying days of World War Two.

Up-and-coming Hollywood actor Logan Lerman plays Norman, an innocent 18-year-old recruit transferred into the unit. Along with the rest of the cast, he was put through four months of rigorous training and preparation before shooting started.

“It was interesting in our research – meeting with soldiers that were about to be deployed as well, and meeting with World War II veterans – the difference between what the army was back then and what it is now. And the way they fought back then. The tremendous respect for those men that fought in the tanks,” he says.

Ayer does not spare the viewer: 'Fury' is among the goriest of World War II movies, with plenty of blood and dismembered, twisted bodies.

On some days during the six-month shoot, the actors would not go home but sleep on site and get back to work directly the next day.

They say working on the movie made them realise just how much they owe to World War Two veterans.

“This is us validating them and thanking them for the work that they did. But it’s pretty unbelievable to know that there are men in their eighties or nineties right now that are still haunted by those memories of war in order to keep our freedom,” says US actor Michael Peña, who co-stars in the movie.

The film has earned mixed reviews, with one critic praising this "gripping drama for bringing us as close to an understanding of war as cinema can", while another headline reads "Brad Pitt's 'Fury' Fights Losing Battle".

‘Fury’ is on global release from the end of October.

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