Coalition forces bomb ISIL in Kobani

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Coalition forces bomb ISIL in Kobani

Coalition forces bomb ISIL in Kobani
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Coalition forces heavily bombed the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, near the Turkish border on Tuesday.

Throughout the day the sounds of jets followed by explosions could be heard as well as gun shots and mortar fire.

Euronews spoke to a Kurdish fighter in Kobani who said ISIL had retreated from 10 of the 12 fronts they were fighting on after the bombings.

Although the reports were unconfirmed, ISIL flags could be seen being taken down from some of the hills.

Euronews correspondent Bora Bayraktarwho who was at the Turkish-Syrian border said the eastern part of Kobani had been particularly hit by coalition airstrikes forcing ISIL to leave some of their positions.

Hundreds of people gathered on hilltops on the Turkish side watching the battle play out before them.

In normal times there is free movement across the Turkish-Syrian border and Kurdish families live and work on both sides.

Mustafa Dagtejin, a local Turkish Kurd said: “They are our relatives there. Some of them are our sons or daughters or cousins. It is one nation, that’s why we are waiting here. We don’t want to hear bad news from there.”

Although Turkey has tanks positioned along the border, it has refused to intervene against ISIL.

However it has used the opportunity to bomb its old foe, the Turkish Kurdish PKK, attacking around five positions.