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NGO says MEPs boosting earnings with second jobs

NGO says MEPs boosting earnings with second jobs
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To its critics, becoming a member of the European Parliament is seen as a nice little earner.

Now one NGO says it has lifted the lid on how much money MEPs are making on the side.

The study conducted by Transparency International has not uncovered anything illegal, but it says there are questions to be answered.

“There is a lot of potential for conflicts of interests. Nearly 400 MEPs have outside income between 6 and 18 million euros per year from side jobs,” said Carl Dolan.

“The second thing we found is that many MEPs are filling out that declaration of interest in ways that make it impossible to monitor whether there is conflict of interest or not.”

The study found that one Italian MEP declares to earn more than 10,000 euros a month as the CEO of an Italian tech giant.

That’s on top of the basic gross monthly wage of eight thousand euros that all MEPs receive.