Ebola-infected Spanish nurse 'sitting unaided'

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Ebola-infected Spanish nurse 'sitting unaided'

Ebola-infected Spanish nurse 'sitting unaided'
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The Spanish nurse infected with Ebola is reported to be conscious and sitting unaided, while three more people were admitted to the Madrid hospital to be monitored for signs of the virus.

Teresa Romero is the only person known to have caught the virus outside Africa, and so far the 16 under observation have shown no symptoms.

Her husband, who was admitted on Monday, remains in isolation. A colleague of Romero could be seen holding a sign at a window indicating his temperature remained within a normal range.

Romero contracted the virus after treating two missionaries who had returned from the affected African countries. Both priests died from the virus.

A hairdresser who had come in contact in Romero was admitted to the isolation unit on Friday, and her family fears the worse.

“The mother of the hairdresser is very worried because we do not really know what is happening. So people are very worried,” explained a friend of the family.

Britain said it will start screening passengers for Ebola who enter the country via London’s main airport and by rail from mainland Europe.

With health experts warning that the UK can expect its first cases in the coming months, a national exercise was carried out to test the response of the emergency services.

British aid ship RFA Argus arrived at Falmouth ahead of its deployment to Sierra Leone. Inside, a 100-bed hospital and helicopters are part of the international response to the health crisis.