Difficult choices for people voting in Bosnia-Herzegovina

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Difficult choices for people voting in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Difficult choices for people voting in Bosnia-Herzegovina
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It is decision day for people in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Some 3.3 million people are eligible to vote in elections for a three-person rotating presidency, a national parliament and two regional parties, as well as local assemblies.

But with nearly 8,000 candidates from more than 60 parties, making a choice is not easy.

Jan Zlatan Kulenovic, Executive Director of the Youth Information Agency, told euronews: “The perception of citizens is that there is no single political party that is not in power somewhere. And then you can not blame them or that for any consistent policy, because basically you cannot identify – especially in the last four years – who is really in power.”

The country is still struggling to find its identity, amid debate on thorny issues ranging from rising nationalism to how to deal with corruption.

One voter told euronews :
“I expect nothing. It will only get worse, the people have all been deceived. I just wanted to carry out my civil duty, I turned out to vote merely for my own satisfaction.”

A woman said: “We need pensions to increase, our youth to get jobs. We need change, so the situation can improve for the better.”

Bosnia-Herzegovina has one of the most complex multi-layered political systems in the world, taking in two separate autonomous regions and different rival ethnic groups.