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Indie rock band The Subways back on track

Indie rock band The Subways back on track
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English indie rock band The Subways have kicked off a 40-date European tour in the UK ahead of their new album.

It marks a new phase for the band, with lead singer Billy Lunn taking on full engineering, production and mixing responsibilities.

With their last album dating back to 2011, the pressure is on to please fans.

“Yeah, it’s a stressful time to be in a band when the album is being released. We just hope that our hardcore fans, that we’ve gathered over the 10 years, that they enjoy it. It’s for them and that’s where the pressure lies, I think,” says band member Josh Morgan.

“I think we just feel really lucky to still be here and there’s definitely… I think we appreciate it a lot more because we’re 10 years on and not many bands get to have a career like that for 10 years. So I just feel that we’re really, really lucky and with that does come a sense of confidence,” says band member Charlotte Cooper.

The single ‘I’m In Love And It’s Burning In My Soul’ – out now – gives a taste of the album to come. It was penned by Billy Lunn.

“Lyrically, it’s to do with elements of his life that he’s condensed into one song, that revolves around the grit in his life and the problems he’s faced,” says Josh Morgan. “And I think that kind of influenced the punchiness of it. There’s parts of it where there’s no vocal elements at all, where it’s just pure music, and I think that he was trying to get across the chaos of what happens in our lives at the moment.”

For the video, the band worked with innovative LA director Steven Mertens, who uses the “multi-plane” method first developed by the Walt Disney Studios in the 1930’s, to create abstract stories from cut out paper stop motion animation.

“It’s just kind of cool for us to do something a bit different and the artwork for the album is all based around a comic strip, and it’s us as comic book characters, and so we thought that would link in quite well,” says Charlotte Cooper.

The Subways’ self-titled album is being released in two parts, with 6 tracks immediately downloadable with any pre-order. The full album is scheduled for release in February.

The band’s European tour will take them across 16 countries into early next year, with more dates planned for the summer festival season.