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Commission says Ebola outbreak in Europe "improbable"

Commission says Ebola outbreak in Europe "improbable"
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Spain is not the only European country to be treating Ebola victims. Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany are also among the states with people repatriated after contracting the disease in West Africa.

Nonetheless, the European Commission is convinced that it has adequate safety measures in place for dealing with an outbreak.

“The Ebola crisis is a crisis which is unfolding in some African countries, which is indeed terrible. The European Union is addressing the matter, but to see this arrive in Europe is highly improbable,” said Frederic Vincent, European Commission health spokesman. “We have a reliable, efficient health system with the means to detect whether there’s a problem, and when there is a problem people are treated, isolated etc.”

Ebola has killed nearly half of the 7,500 people infected in West Africa, making it the largest outbreak of the disease in history. Cases have also been imported to the United States.

Now Britain is reportedly ready to send 750 troops to Sierrra Leone to help build an Ebola treatment centre as part of its international response to the deadly virus.