Lady Antebellum hoping for take-off with '747'

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Lady Antebellum hoping for take-off with '747'

Lady Antebellum hoping for take-off with '747'
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Multi-platinum winning country band Lady Antebellum are back with their sixth album ‘747’.

After reaching record sales with their first three albums, the trio has experienced a downward drift in the last couple of years.

Written on the road and recorded during tour breaks, '747' feels a lot like a live show.

“This record is, by far, the most energetic record that we’ve ever made. It’s definitely… we wanted to make an in-your-face, big sounding record. And I think, honestly, the reason was just because, like you said, the last couple of records were so mellow,” says band member Charles Kelley.

Lady Antebellum catapulted to stardom in 2009 with the multiplatinum, crossover hit ‘Need You Now’. They went on to win numerous awards including seven Grammys.

But they knew they needed to update their sound to stay relevant on the country music scene.

“We wanted to take this band to new heights. We felt like we had a little bit of a slow-down period there and weren’t the new kids on the block anymore. It was like, now you have to fight to stay relevant. And the sound of country music had changed a little bit, much more rocking. And so we were like, ‘OK, how does our music live in this environment, but still feel like Lady Antebellum?’,” says Kelley.

One of the answers was changing producers to work with Nathan Chapman, best known for turning Taylor Swift into a country music star.

It remains to be seen whether he will help Lady Antebellum take off once again. ‘747’ is out now.

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