First Ebola infection in Europe confirmed in Spain

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First Ebola infection in Europe confirmed in Spain

First Ebola infection in Europe confirmed in Spain
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A nurse being treated for the deadly Ebola virus in Spain has been transferred from one Madrid hospital to another.

Spain’s health minister announced that the case was the first known transmission of the current outbreak of Ebola outside West Africa.

The female nurse had helped treat two Spanish priests repatriated to Madrid after contracting Ebola in West Africa.

The nurse is believed to have contracted the virus from one of the priests.

She originally went to the Alcorcon hospital with a fever on Sunday and was placed in isolation.

She is now in Carlos III Hospital for further treatment.

Spanish authorities are looking into how she was infected at a modern hospital with special equipment for helping people with deadly viruses.

“We are tracing everyone she has been in contact with and checking what contact they had,” explained Antonio Alemay, from Madrid’s public health system.

“We need to make sure the correct protection measures were taken, such as isolation, and temperature checks twice a day for 21 days,” he added.

The nurse’s husband has been quarantined in hospital, the head of Spain’s public health service told parliament on Tuesday.