Concern over Ebola spread in Spain

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Concern over Ebola spread in Spain

Concern over Ebola spread in Spain
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Some workers at the hospital where a nurse is being treated for Ebola are concerned about Spanish efforts to control the spread of the deadly virus.

Her infection shows the danger health care workers face, not only in poorly-equipped clinics in West Africa, but in more sophisticated ones in Europe.

“Well, I was shocked […] to see that she got infected in the hospital. Well, I think we all need to increase our effort,” said John Sydney Oxford, a virologist, at London’s Queen Mary University.

“It is fighting a war, so the Americans have put in 3,000 troops – they may need to put in 30,000. We (Britain) have put in a few hundred, we may need ourselves to put in 10,000 in. In other words, we should all take this much, much more seriously, including myself,” Oxford added.

The nurse was treated at a hospital in the Madrid suburb of Alcorcon before being transferred to Carlos III Hospital where she is currently receiving treatment.

Madrid resident Pilar Garcia explained why this was not the right this to do.

“By taking her to the Alcorcon hospital they did not follow the isolation procedures. They had family members in the same waiting room with others, so now people are afraid,” said Garcia.

Four people, including the nurse, have now been hospitalised and are being monitored over suspicion of potential contagion of the virus, Spain’s health authorities said on Tuesday.

Officials for Madrid’s health system told a press conference those hospitalised include the nurse’s husband, a traveller from an unspecified affected country and another health care worker.