UK folk rock band seek inspiration in Iceland

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UK folk rock band seek inspiration in Iceland

UK folk rock band seek inspiration in Iceland
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British alternative rock band Dry the River are hoping to follow in the success of their first album with their sophomore venture, ‘Alarms in the Heart’.

The band has spent the summer on the UK festival circuit, bringing their brand of alternative folk rock to revelers at Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds.

Frontman Peter Liddle admits to being nervous about how the new album would be received: “I’ve been scrolling through all the social media streams relentlessly since the record came out, everyone keeps telling me to stop doing it,” he says.

“But I read every comment and respond to as many as I can. So for me it’s all become a bit of a blur as to who said what. I do remember somebody saying that we sounded like U2 on the new record. I didn’t know how to feel about that.”

The album was partly recorded in Iceland, where the band spent more than a month working at a studio just outside Reykjavik.

They say their time spent in Iceland had a major influence on the final sound of the record.

“We had these two elements of the record, this kind of very laid-back, atmospheric stuff we’d made in Iceland and then this clutch of new songs, which were more immediate and a bit more visceral and sounded a bit more like us, I think. And so we were able to tie those two things together and find ourselves a way out of the wilderness and find our way to a complete record,” says Peter Liddle.

The album has received mostly positive reviews ranging from "immensely enjoyable" to "a beautifully crafted collection that will enhance (the band's) burgeoning reputation".

Dry the River are back on the road this month for a 12-date UK tour.

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