More police to be sent to Hong Kong protest areas

More police to be sent to Hong Kong protest areas
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There has been more brawling on the streets of Hong Kong as pro-democracy protesters held another overnight rally.

Police used pepper spray to push crowds back and reclaim some streets that had been occupied for days.

The territory appears divided. Some residents are fed up with the protesters. The protesters are furious at the police, suspecting them of turning a blind eye to pro-Beijing infiltrators.

The police are to send reinforcements to protest areas.

“Let me stress that the police force will spare no effort to crack down on triad gangs and violent crime. I reiterate that the top priority of the police force during emergencies is to control the situation, protect citizens from harm, restore social order, and uphold the rule of law as soon as possible,” said Assistant Commissioner Cheung Tak-keung.

Saturday night saw huge crowds again in Hong Kong as the street protest movement entered its second week.

The demonstrators find unacceptable China’s plans to vet candidates for the territory’s leadership in 2017 elections.

Hong Kong’s leader has said the demonstrations must end by Monday, warning that police will ensure that government offices and schools open.

The protesters have cancelled planned talks with the government on electoral reforms.