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Growing anger on Turkish-Syrian border about ISIL advance

Growing anger on Turkish-Syrian border about ISIL advance
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Turkish government forces have clashed with Kurd protesters on the Turkish-Syrian border, where there is growing anger about the advance of ISIL militants on the nearby Syrian frontier town of Kobani.

The Kurds are calling for more Turkish help to defend Kobani; others are demanding to be allowed to cross the border to fight with the Syrian Kurds.

This as the Turkish president rejected remarks from the US Vice President that Turkey had made mistakes in letting foreign fighters cross into Syria from Turkey.

“So far, we have banned 6,000 people from entering Turkey and we deported 1,000 people,” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan. “The Government of the Turkish Republic did this. It is very wrong to direct such an accusation at Turkey. I am sorry to hear this.”

As more refugees, mostly Kurds, continue to flood into Turkey from Syria, US-led coalition warplanes continued to bomb ISIL targets.

“I just want to return home to Kobani,” said a young Syrian Kurd refugee.

A man said: “We don’t want much; we just want to return home. And God keep those bad men away from us.”

At least 160,000 Syrian Kurds have fled Kobani and surrounding villages, filling up makeshift refugee camps in several Turkish border towns.