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Former Haiti dictator 'Baby Doc' Duvalier dies

Former Haiti dictator 'Baby Doc' Duvalier dies
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The former ruler of Haiti Jean-Claude Duvalier, otherwise known as “Baby Doc”, has died of a heart attack – leaving many questions unanswered over alleged human rights abuses.

Following his return from exile three years ago, a court ruled that he could be charged with crimes against humanity under international law – and held responsible for abuses by the military under his rule.

Duvalier fled into exile in 1986 during a popular uprising which ended nearly three decades of a family dynasty.

Fifteen years earlier Duvalier had come to power following the death of his father “Papa Doc”, inheriting the title of “president-for-life”.

His time in power was marked by repression. Ordinary Haitians remained poor while he and his entourage lived in luxury.

“Baby Doc” consistently denied any responsibility for abuses committed while he was in office.