Tokio Hotel is back with 'Kings of Suburbia'

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Tokio Hotel is back with 'Kings of Suburbia'

Tokio Hotel is back with 'Kings of Suburbia'
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German rock band Tokio Hotel are releasing their fifth studio album 'Kings of Suburbia'.

One of the rare German bands to crack the global music scene, Tokio Hotel have won more than 100 awards over the past decade.

The boys got together back in 2001 as very young teenagers, and soon became a global rock music phenomenon.

After their last album 'Humanoid', released in 2009, they moved to Los Angeles and took some time out.

“Musically, we did not really know where we were going after the last album. So I said, OK let’s take a break and go back to work when we are really inspired and motivated and when we know what we want to do. So, a year and a half later we slowly went back to the recording studio,” said lead singer Bill Kaulitz at the album’s Berlin launch.

The band’s latest venture is an eclectic mix of genres including pop rock, alternative rock and electronic music – their main influence, say twin brothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz, was the Los Angeles nightlife:

“We weren’t trying to make any particular kind of music or to target any particular audience – anyone who has good taste will enjoy our album,” said Bill Kaulitz with a smile. “We just made the music we wanted to make, music we enjoy listening to ourselves, that was our goal.”

So far, Tokio Hotel has sold around 7 million records in 68 countries.

The band’s new album ‘Kings of Suburbia’ is out now. Unlike their previous work, which was released in both German and English, ‘Kings of Suburbia’ will only be in English. Fans can chose between CD or vinyl, a standard edition with 11 tracks, a deluxe edition containing 15 tracks, or even a limited super deluxe edition.

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