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ISIL advance on Kobani unchecked by airstrikes

ISIL advance on Kobani unchecked by airstrikes
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The assault by extremists ISIL on the Syrian border town of Kobani continues, where Syrian Kurds are desperately trying to hold out and protect the town’s 4000 residents.

With fighting visible from over the Turkish border airstrikes supposedly targeting ISIL were seen attacking positions several times, but nothing seems to halt the militants’ advance, now reportedly a kilometre outside Kobani.

The fighting has pushed thousands more Kurdish refugees into Turkey, which has reinforced its border with tanks and troops.

In Suruc binoculars are all Turks need to follow the unfolding drama in the Syrian landscape below. Most of the clashes were on the town’s eastern and southeastern sides. Refugees who already escaped fighting elsewhere now have to move again.

“We came to this country. We are like prisoners here. We left our land. Winter will come and people need essential goods and food. All countries should help us to go back,” said one elderly man.

The Kurds claim the 18 days of fighting ISIL to keep Kobani free has cost them dear, and they need more than air strikes to turn the situation. They predict a “massacre” if Kobani falls.