Kylie Minogue and Lionel Richie both touring

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Kylie Minogue and Lionel Richie both touring

Kylie Minogue and Lionel Richie both touring
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Kylie is touring Europe to promote her new album “Kiss Me Once” and says she will be playing something for everyone:

“The ‘Kiss Me Once’ tour! Yes, fans can expect songs from the new album, and songs going back to the very beginning. We have a section that is super-fun, an 80s medley section, complete with the ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ bathtub, yes!”

She is also enthusiastic about the technical production: “And we have an amazing light show. I wish I could see the show myself just to see the lights. They are sublime!”

Kylie will tour Europe until mid- November, after which she will be playing dates in Australia.

Lionel Richie will also be playing dates in Europe, as part of his Greatest Hits tour. He says that his audiences now contain people of all ages:

“People are actually showing up now from all generations. I’m getting the Lionel Richie look-a-likes in the audience. I’m getting the lady in the audience now with the bridal gown on – she got married on the day and there she is. It’s pretty amazing what people are doing. They are showing up with my face tattooed to their arm. They know all the lyrics, they know all the songs and we’re going to play all the hits, so it’s going to be magical.”

Lionel Richie will arrive in Europe next February and promises a set list featuring hits from his days with the Commodores right through to the present day.

For more information see Kylie's official site.

For more information see==Lionel Richie’s official site.==

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