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Ukrainian election campaign looking tough for new faces

Ukrainian election campaign looking tough for new faces
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With less than a month to go before Ukrainians vote in what may prove to be the key election in the nation’s history, the political scene is awash with new faces, and some old names who are trying to hang onto power.

Many former journalists and volunteer militia leaders are running for office. These include Mustafa Nayem, a former journalist whose social media postings helped dynamise the Maidan protests that overthrew ex-president Yanukovych. He is on the party list of President Poroshenko

“Considering it’s not only us alone running – there are over 15 people standing with the same purpose, but with different parties, There’s a chance we could bring at least one centimeter of change into this system. Our success will depend on our persistence, on time and on how hard the system fights back,” he said.

Tuesday was the last day for candidates to register, and Nayem and ally Serhiy Leschenko were trying to stop a discredited former Yanukovych loyalist and vice prime minster by contesting his eligibility in court. The law says candidates are supposed to have been in Ukraine for the last five years, but Valeriy Horoshkovskiy has spent the last two in Monaco. The court ruled in his favour.