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Tourism reaches new heights in Hungary

Tourism reaches new heights in Hungary
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More and more people are beating a path to Budapest.
The Hungarian capital is experiencing a record number of visitors and tourism in general is on the rise, according to the Hungarian Tourism board.

More than five million people visited the country in the first seven months of the year, boosting profits for the hotel and accommodation industry alone by up to half a billion euros.

Gergely Horvath, deputy general manager of Hungarian Tourism Board said: “The total revenue for hotel rooms increased more than eight percent. That is the highest in the Central-Eastern European region. In Prague, Warsaw and Bratislava tourism has decreased, while in Austria there is a slight increase. So, Hungary’s eight percent increase is an extremely good result.”

For Britons, the beauty of Budapest has long been known as a popular stag and hen party destination, now more tourists are coming from further afield such as South Korea, China and Japan.

Euronews business correspondent Beatrix Asboth said: “Besides the thermal baths and the festivals the prices are also very tempting in Hungary. For example a scoop of ice-cream costs 90 cents in downtown Budapest compared to other capitals in western Europe, where a single scoop can cost as much as 2.50 Euros.