Clooney and Alamuddin officially say 'I do'

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Clooney and Alamuddin officially say 'I do'

Clooney and Alamuddin officially say 'I do'
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After much speculation and a weekend of celebrations, 14 minutes was all it took for George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin to officially marry in Venice on Monday (September 29).

People of all ages and nationalities lined the banks of the Grand Canal to catch a glimpse of the actor and barrister as they made their way to the official civil ceremony.

American tourist Chan Paschow was among the crowds.

“It was great to see them. George and Amal both looked great…. It looks like they had a wonderful time in Venice,” he said.

A Russian woman echoed the sentiments of many when she said:

“She’s one very fortunate woman. She is beautiful and he is very good looking; a man all the women go crazy for and they all want him for a husband. But she is the lucky one,” said this woman.

However, the academy award-winning actor has famously said he is “marrying up.” New bride Alamuddin is an internationally renowned, highly successful human rights barrister.

The pair made their vows in front of former Mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni, who is also a friend of Clooney.

Shortly afterwards, the appropriately-titled ‘Amore’ water taxi whisked them away to begin their married life.