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Abortion law defeat celebrated in Spain by Women's parades

Abortion law defeat celebrated in Spain by Women's parades
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Women in Spain have been marching this Sunday to celebrate the government’s defeat last week in trying to introduce stricter anti-abortion legislation. The bill was thrown out and the justice minister piloting it resigned as government policy collapsed in disarray faced with a storm of opposition.

“We are here because demonstrations achieve triumphs. Women’s mobilization has overthrown this law, and social mobilization and pressure will force the constitutional court to maintain womens’ rights.,” said the United Left in Madrid’s Eddy Sanchez.

Barcelona also saw large demonstrations which were repeated in many towns across the country. People were also out in force
in Seville, and the demands were the same everywhere; do more to promote women’s rights, and end the constitutional challenge to the current abortion laws.

Government policy has been under fire from the medical profession as well as being potentially unsafe and ineffective.