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US-led airstrikes hit ISIL bases and oilfields in Syria

US-led airstrikes hit ISIL bases and oilfields in Syria
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US Central Command has released video footage showing what it says was an airstrike against the Mayadin Modular Refinery in Syria that took place on Wednesday (September 24).

The US military announced on Wednesday that it was bombing small oil refineries in eastern Syria intended to undermine ISIL’s ability to refinance itself through oil sales.

Amateur video footage purported to show an alliance warplane flying near Deir al-Zor city has emerged on a social media website.

It shows plumes of black smoke rising in the distance after what is said to have been Wednesday’s airstrike by US-led forces in Mayadin.

Meanwhile in northern Iraq near Kirkuk, Kurdish Pershmerga forces stand by in bunkers on the front line.

They wait for airstrikes
to weaken ISIL and prepare the way for their advance on the ground.

To help with the air operation, Denmark’s prime minister has said it will send seven F-16 fighter jets to Iraq to dislodge ISIL militants.

The Peshmerga bunkers, marked by Kurdish flags, stand only metres away from ISIL-held territory.