Faithfull pays tribute to London with new album

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Faithfull pays tribute to London with new album

Faithfull pays tribute to London with new album
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Marianne Faithfull is marking her half century in the music business with a world tour and a new album – ‘Give My Love To London’ – her 20th LP.

Although the 67-year-old nowadays splits her time between Dublin and Paris, she says her new album is a way of paying tribute to her time in the British capital.

Faithfull describes it as a very personal record, partially inspired by a six-month lay-off following a back injury.

“I just went very, very deep inside and thought very, very carefully about everything and you know I think I may have never done that before properly like that. So it was obviously time to do that,” said Faithfull.

The record features an impressive list of contributors including Roger Waters, Nick Cave, Brian Eno, and 2014 Mercury Prize nominee Anna Calvi.

She says the album reflects on a period of enormous growth in her life: “My time in the Sixties with Mick and Keith and Charlie and all that, it was, and Jimmy Miller, and Pete Townshend and John and Paul and all the people I used to hang out with and go to their sessions too, a lot. I was learning. It was exactly the period I would have been in university.”

Surviving heavy drug use back then has also left Faithfull more appreciative of life.

“As far as chasing my death’s concerned I failed. Thank God. You know I’m very glad I did,” added Faithfull.

‘Give My Love To London’ is out at the end of September and Faithfull’s world tour kicks off in Germany in October.

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