Apple's new iPhones going round the bend, iOS8 buggy

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Apple's new iPhones going round the bend, iOS8 buggy

Apple's new iPhones going round the bend, iOS8 buggy
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There are problems for Apple’s new plus sized iPhone and its latest operating system.

User of the iPhone 6 have found its aluminum shell makes the device lighter and thinner, but it is also bendier – not good when you put it in your pocket and sit down.

Social media is full of unhappy people moaning about what is being called ‘bendgate’ and the flaw could put some off buying the device.

Outside an Apple store in London, Mark Hennley said: “If those reports are true for Apple then it’s a show stopper for me to upgrade, because I’ve got a 4S so [I was] considering upgrading to their phone, otherwise I’d go to a competitor like Samsung.”

Another potential customer, Sam Gibson, said he was put off the iPhone 6 Plus by these reports: “Because it’s going to cost me more money, if it does break I’m going to have to replace it, so I’d rather go with a safer option with a safer phone, the iPhone 6 itself, it’s more reliable because I’m going to have it for a couple of years. I don’t want a phone that’s going to be breakable or bending.”

Since the phones were launched 10 million have been shipped.

Apple said: “With normal use, a bend in an iPhone is extremely rare” pointing out that the device features stainless steel and titanium inserts to reinforce high-stress areas.

Apple boss Tim Cook was even challenged by Blackberry’s Chief Executive John Chen to a bending contest, on the basis that its new Passport handset wouldn’t.

Samsung also joined in the fun released an ad comparing a bending phone to its own product.

And it isn’t Apple’s only problem. It has also had to pull an update for its latest iPhone operating system, iOS8, just hours after it was released to fix a number of bugs.

The update was blocking calls and the fingerprint-reading Touch ID feature on the phones. Users also complained about sluggish Wi-Fi and reduced battery life.

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