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Aerites Dance Company explores present-day nomads

Aerites Dance Company explores present-day nomads
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Greece’s Aerites== Dance Company is presenting “Planites”, the third part of a trilogy dedicated to urban life and the way of living in contemporary cities.

Choreographer Patricia Apergi is interested in depicting character and memories as well as the stories that immigrants and citizens of the world have in their suitcases when they travel in Western countries.

“Our subject refers to all these people who wander, who decide to travel whether by choice or by force. So immigrants are included. We are very interested in seeing what elements they carry with them in the places they visit…what they take, adopt or reject from the culture and the way of living in these new places,” Apergi said.

Dancer Ilias Chatzigeorgiou believes the performance has nothing to do with the interaction between society and human beings.

“We focus on a particular person, who travels and wanders around. This eternally moving human being, that maybe is an immigrant, a refugee, a displaced person, a tourist, someone who doesn’t have a home. He keeps on moving all the time. We try to find what he carries with him, what he encapsulates in his own system and how he feels about all that.”

This performance was created with the aid of “Modul dance”, a European programme that gives groups the opportunity to travel to many cities, in order to complete their research.

This helped Aerites study the kinetic and musical codes of other cultures and integrate these elements into their own dance language.

“The problem of immigration is a fact in Europe today. We, the Greeks, have faced this problem very intensively, over recent years. So we can’t avoid that, because it has a very strong social and political meaning to us. We had to pose some questions about this critical issue,” said Apergi.

The Aerites Dance Company are currently on a Europe wide tour.