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European Theatres' Night wows Budapest

European Theatres' Night wows Budapest
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Getting up close and personal took a whole new meaning during Hungary’s staging last week of European Theatres’ night.

The annual one-day event allows theatre companies to open their doors for free and let the public go backstage to meet the cast and crew.

The hope is that it will give people a different perspective of what goes into making a theatrical performance and encourage more people to come and see shows more often.

In the Hungarian capital alone, more than 10,000 people visited 27 theatres across Budapest.

Pál Mácsai, director of Örkény István Theatre said: “This theatre is 10-years old now, exactly. After the evening play we drink champagne together with the audience. Being together now, being like a family is especially good, as the stage and the auditorium are normally separated.”

In the melting pot of alternative “freestyle” theaters, there was a special market of objects (costumes and other artifacts) used earlier in plays.

“Here you can buy old costumes, objects, but here are no prices. As being the non-official Hungarian Jewish Theatre, here you have to bargain, people come and tell what price they want to pay and we tell them that we want three times more, and at the end we try to find a deal,” explained Golem Theatre director Andras Borgula.