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Sierra Leone Ebola curfew declared a success

Sierra Leone Ebola curfew declared a success
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A three-day curfew in Sierra Leone aimed at combatting the spread of the deadly Ebola virus has ended.

The authorities declared the event a success. Officials said that they had been able to recover 92 bodies across the country as well as isolate those infected and educate households on how to avoid infection.

The lockdown was the most extreme measure so far against the disease.

Meanwhile a second Spanish priest infected with the virus has been repatriated to a hospital in Madrid.

He fell victim to the disease while working for the same foundation as another Spanish priest who became infected in August in Liberia, and who subsequently died..

Liberia continues to struggle with the outbreak. On Friday a Red Cross team were called in to remove a dead body from a suburb of the capital Monrovia.

With the death toll continuing to rise in West Africa, the EU has pledged more funds to help deal with the crisis.

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