Scots expect Westminster to deliver on promises of devolved powers

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Scots expect Westminster to deliver on promises of devolved powers

Scots expect Westminster to deliver on promises of devolved powers
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People in Scotland woke up on Friday to find their country still a part of the United Kingdom. The result of the independence referendum came as a bitter disappointment for those who had sought to separate but a relief for those who wanted to remain within the Union.

The three main Westminster parties have promised a greater devolution of powers to Scotland and will now be expected to deliver on this.

Euronews correspondent Joanna Gill has been following the independence campaign throughout. Alasdair Sandford spoke to her in Edinburgh and began by asking what the atmosphere was like in the capital city.

Joanna Gill: “Well the weather itself is rather dreary and the atmosphere is quite subdued. I would say on both sides – I spoke to some of the ‘Yes’ people outside parliament and they were holding back their tears. But also voicing their anger at an opportunity lost.

“From the pro-Union camp there was also a subdued atmosphere but it was more that they didn’t want to rub this victory in the faces of the people who were looking for independence. Overall it seems to be a win-win situation, that’s why there is a rather subdued atmosphere because there is this promise of devolved powers.”

Alasdair Sandford: “The campaign was intense, invigorating, but also at times acrimonious. How divided is Scotland today, and how hard will it be to heal those divisions?”

Joanna Gill: “I think with the subdued atmosphere there isn’t a lot of tension, that is evident on the streets at least in the capital. Across social media there have been some more heated exchanges but I think this will die down as the day goes on. I think most people are now just going back home and contemplating what the future means for Scotland now, with the more powers that have been promised by the government.”

Alasdair Sandford: “Scotland has indeed been promised more powers by all mainstream parties. What are those powers likely to be?”

Joanna Gill: “All of them are promising more powers over tax spending and welfare. The actual details of which have to be hammered out. There is a schedule we’re looking at, early next year for these powers to be hammered out. And they have every interest to do this quickly because if it’s not done quickly there is a threat that these independent feelings will come back.”