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Scotland independence: 'No' campaign gets a four point lead

Scotland independence: 'No' campaign gets a four point lead
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A day before Scotland votes on whether to declare Independence from the United Kingdom, three different opinion polls give the ‘No’ campaign a four point lead.

The political fight has become more acrimonious in recent days, as British leaders warned of dire consequences for both Scotland and the rest of the union if a split were to take place.

The ‘No’ campaign has played up the financial uncertainty.

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond wrote to voters telling them Thursday’s referendum would be “the greatest, most empowering moment any of us will ever have”.

His deputy Nicola Sturgeon warned the public not to be taken in by promises by Westminster of more autonomy if they stay.

“They won’t tell us what powers they are talking about. They don’t agree between themselves what more powers should come to Scotland and we’re already seeing MPs from south of the border saying they’ll block any more powers for Scotland,” she said.

A promise of fast-track devolution will cost London more in subsidies to the Scottish government, a plan which won’t necessary sit well with many English voters.