Schools reopen in war torn Gaza and Damascus

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Schools reopen in war torn Gaza and Damascus

Schools reopen in war torn Gaza and Damascus
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Schools in Gaza have reopened following the recent Israeli/Hamas conflict.

In Khan Younis the UN has to rebuild its school there after being destroyed by the IDF.

Problems persist as many as 60 children are crammed into a single class.

Twenty four schools were completely destroyed in Gaza and 120 suffered partial damage.

Despite the problems the day was a celebration.

Pierre Krahenbu from the UN expressed his delight: “There is nothing more that I wish than to see these school grounds move away from the grounds of suffering and despair to the grounds of learning and hope.”

In Damascus children returned to school in the government controlled areas of the capital.

The children expressed relish at a return to normality:
“I am from Homs, I left four-years ago because my school was destroyed I came here, registered here
to read and study to become an engineer.”

“Yes, I want to go to school every day, morning and evening in winter and summer, in Autumn , even if it is snowing or sunny, everyday, everyday I want to go. Because it is beautiful.”

The education of millions of children in Syria has been interrupted since the conflict broke out in March 2011.