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Brussels Jewish Museum opens after deadly May shooting

Brussels Jewish Museum opens after deadly May shooting
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The Brussels Jewish museum has opened its doors to the public for the first time since a deadly shooting there in May.

An Israeli couple, a French woman and Belgium man were killed in the incident after a gunman opened fire in the museum with an assault weapon.

Belgium’s prime Minister attended the commemorative reopening, alongside notable anti-Semitism campaigners. Joel Rubinfeld from the Belgium league against anti-Semitism attended the event and noted its value.

“You can not fight what you understand and so, it’s important that a museum can get this message across and help explain what Jewish culture is and enlighten people.”

French national Mehdi Nemmouche is thought to have carried out the attack after becoming radicalised fighting in Syria.

Euronews reporter Isabel Marques da Silva, spoke from Brussels of the ongoing inquiry, saying:

“The reopening of the museum was only allowed after the Public Prosecutor received guarantees that it would not jeopardize the reconstruction of the crime that will be soon undertaken as part of the ongoing judicial investigation”

Meanwhile a mass anti-Semitism rally has engulfed Berlin.

The gathering comes 75 years after the outbreak of the second world war which saw 6 million Jews killed.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took to the stage at the event vowing to everything possible to stamp out anti-Semitism

Germany and other European countries have seen a recent spike in the numbers of attacks on Jews. The surge comes on the back of the conflict in Gaza