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Second Russian aid convoy crosses into Ukraine as Kremlin takes aim at US, EU ties

Second Russian aid convoy crosses into Ukraine as Kremlin takes aim at US, EU ties
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The Kremlin has fired a broadside the way of the US and its transatlantic ties with Europe- after the latest bout of Western sanction hit Moscow.

In an argument framed by Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, Washington was accused of trying to cut economic links between Russia and the EU.

But it was ties between the EU and Ukraine that were on the table at the Yalta conference, where Kyiv pushed for a further strengthened relationship with the European bloc. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, had these words for visiting dignitaries

“One of the best options to guarantee Ukrainian security is a successful implementation of the Association agreement.”

That long penciled trade association deal will now have to wait another year as both sides agree more must be done to secure Ukrainian’s economy and borders. Outgoing EU Commissioner for Enlargement spoke of the need for patience:

“That extra time gives the opportunity – first of all because of the Ukrainian request – to put their economy in order which is tested with the military operations in the east of the country and we will use this time given to engage with the Russians and further discussions.”

But towards Ukraine’s troubled east, a continued stalemate may waver such sentiment. A second Russian aid convoy has reportedly arrived in Luhansk according to local media reports. The 220 truck mission did so without the blessing of Kyiv.