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Remote Scots vote the 'wrong way' in breakaway referendum

Remote Scots vote the 'wrong way' in breakaway referendum
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There is less than a week until Scotland’s holds a referendum on independence from the United Kingdom. The most recent polls suggests it is all still to play for.

Fetlar is a remote island in the north of Scotland, and has no polling station.

So people here voted through the mail, but many have changed their mind.

“Even then my decision was very much, sort of 51 (to) 49 per cent, kind of decision,” explained Murray Cooper. “But since then, as a result of what’s happened this week, I have come to realise that I voted in the wrong way.”

He’s not the only one…

“It isn’t fair,” said another resident, “we haven’t had the chance to get the full discussion and the full arguments of both sides before we’ve had to use the postal vote.”

Opinion polls suggest that Thursday’s vote could trigger a previously unthinkable breakup of Britain.