Telekom Romania turns magenta

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Telekom Romania turns magenta

Telekom Romania turns magenta
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Phone service consolidation in Romania as Romtelecom and Cosmote unveiled a new brand identity with the links to Deutsche Telekom emphasised in the ‘T’ logo and a very liberal use of Deutsche Telekom’s trademark magenta colour.

The Germans and Greek operator OTE own the two firms.

On hand was Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta, who used the occasion to talk up his country’s improving competitiveness.

He told euronews: “Romania is very competitive when it comes to fiscal and other taxes. We still have a flat tax of 16 percent and we are going to keep it; but we used to have very high taxation on labour costs, and with the new law, that will help us to increase our competitivity.”

OTE, which is Greece’s biggest telecoms company, is seeking profits in places like Romania and Albania, given the weak austerity-hit economy back home, and Deutsche Telekom, which has major holdings in OTE, is looking east given that western European markets are saturated.

Deutsche Telekom Management Board member Claudia Nemat said: “We are actually very happy to welcome Romania into the ‘T’ family. It is actually – after Germany and Poland – population wise the third largest market which we now have in our magenta, our ‘T’ portfolio.”

Integrating the fixed and mobile services is intended to bring economies of scale for the firm which has almost 10 million customers in Romania:

Nikolai Beckers, chief executive of Telekom Romania, said it has taken a lot of effort: “We were thinking about this already for a couple of years, but it was a very complex process to get everything aligned, and at the end of the day you need to have the right timing, the right technology and everything has to fall into place.”

All the 43 stores will Romania will be rebranded by the end of the year for the mobile, fixed line and broadband service

Our correspondent Andrea Hajagos commented: “Things are changing fast in Bucharest. When I arrived here on Thursday evening the Romtelecom sign was on the store I’m standing in front of, but now it has already turned magenta, with the new logo.”