Betsey Johnson's bridal drags have a ball in NYC

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Betsey Johnson's bridal drags have a ball in NYC

Betsey Johnson's bridal drags have a ball in NYC
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Betsey Johnson’s fashion shows are always more like a wild party, and her New York Fashion Week event was no exception.

Backstage, the 72-year-old American designer called it a “celebration of freedom in marriage”.

“Trendy and transgendy. It’s a riot. It’s been the most fun to work on this show. A lot of more new, more abstract ideas. See-through plastic dresses and dresses made out of scuba fabric and horse hair,” she said.

Johnson’s naughty bride-themed collection for next season, cheekily named “Prenup”, featured some rather unconventional outfits, including one shimmering number made out of tin foil cupcake wrappers.

There were wispy seafoam skirts and even one half-clad bride, who was in fact a guy, one of several drag queens on the catwalk.

As always, Johnson did her traditional cartwheel and splits at the end of her show, this time in the company of her granddaughter.

“In summer,” says US designer Michael Kors, “you can never have enough white”.

With embroidered flower dresses, retro plaid patterns and classic A-lines, Kors went back decades for his dreamy spring collection inspired by the 1950s.

A cheerful note in a dour world said the veteran designer:

“This collection is really all about optimistic chic because I think that you know it’s a crazy world right now. We look at the headlines and it’s pretty tough out there. And I think that spring time is really a time of renewal. It’s a time that people do feel more optimistic.”

Michael Kors himself has every reason to be optimistic having officially become a billionaire this year, thanks to his luxury, yet accessible American classics.

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